Decoding Recode

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Decoding Recode

Questions and objections mount as MPC nears completion of a complete overhaulof the city's zoning code.

by scott barker • september 17, 2018

For the past several weeks, officials from the city of Knoxville and the Metropolitan Planning Commission have fanned out to hold a series of meetings to generate public comment on an initiative that will affect every property owner in the city.
Recode Knoxville is the first complete revision of the city’s zoning code in more than half a century. The process, approved by City Council, has been going on since February 2017. As is often the case, however, many in the public have seemed unaware of the effort until recently, as revisions to the code are nearing completion.
Recode Knoxville will affect all 73,000 properties in the city of Knoxville.
Public input meetings have been held in Burlin...

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