A New Mandate

Darris Upton

A New Mandate

Darris Upton is Knox County's first-ever manager of diversity development. What that means is up to him to figure out.

by jesse fox mayshark • september 10, 2018

Darris Upton was in his office last Friday, about two hours after the press release went out announcing his hiring by County Mayor Glenn Jacobs as diversity development manager. He was still settling in, and the walls were bare. It is a medium-sized office on the sixth floor of the City County Building, maybe 20 feet down the hallway from the mayor’s office.
"This is a brand-new effort. This has never been done in Knox County." - Darris Upton, Knox County diversity development manager
Upton seems to be feeling his way, which is not surprising given that the job did not exist until a week ago. Some Knox County mayors have been more attentive than others to the county’s minority ...

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