Jacobs’ Ladder

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs

Jacobs' Ladder

From college athlete with a blown-out knee to wrestling superstar to chief executive of Knox County government, Glenn Jacobs has always believed in himself.

by jesse fox mayshark • september 6, 2018

knox county mayor glenn jacobs, in his first week on the job.

It is Aug. 28, three days before he is to be sworn in as Knox County mayor, and Glenn Jacobs is feeling misunderstood.
“I was just disappointed because people jumped to conclusions, and they didn’t even know what the job was,” he says.
“I’ve had many, many moments of, ‘What have I gotten myself into.’”
The job he’s referring to is the just-announced appointment of state Rep. Roger Kane to a newly created education liaison position for the county mayor’s office. The conclusions people jumped to were, variously, that Kane was going to be meddling with the Knox Coun...

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