Backyard Archaeologists

UT anthropology students

UT Knoxville students sift through evidence of ancient civilizations on the banks of the Tennessee River.

Small Step

The UT Torchbearer

UT’s proposed budget keeps tuition increases low. But a decade of hikes has still left it one of the priciest state schools in the Southeast.

This Old House

Eugenia Williams estate

After looking for a way to restore the historic Eugenia Williams mansion, the University of Tennessee decides its best option is to sell it.

UT Picks Plowman

Donde Plowman

The next chancellor of UT Knoxville has experience navigating public university complexities, here and elsewhere.

Game of Chancellors

Donde Plowman

Four candidates to lead the University of Tennessee’s flagship campus presented different styles in forums this week, but some shared themes.

Final Four

Knoxville chancellor finalists

UT announces a quartet of candidates from different backgrounds for chancellor of the flagship Knoxville campus.

Trust and Transparency

Image courtesy of the Knight Commission

A national report (with a Tennessee co-chair) charts a decline in civic engagement. It also offers some solutions.

Vol Access

Randy Boyd with UT chancellors at State of the University 3-14-19

Boyd announces UT Promise, a privately endowed scholarship to make the state university free for lower-income students.

Appalachian Chorus

'Appalachian Reckoning'

In response to J.D. Vance’s ‘Hillbilly Elegy,’ regional writers stake a claim to political and cultural diversity in the Southern mountains.

Here Comes the Gov

Bill Lee 3-5-19

Bill Lee brings his State of the State roadshow to Knoxville, talking workforce, justice and character education.