Crossing the River

The Rogero administration and Knoxville Area Transit are contemplating extending the city’s free trolley service to the South Waterfront.

New Cash for New Cops

Facing a persistent staffing shortage, KPD asks for $150,000 over two years to boost officer recruiting efforts.

A Raise on the Table

Knoxville mayoral candidates

City Council will consider a proposal to give the next mayor a 14 percent pay boost above Mayor Madeline Rogero’s current salary.

Scooters in the City

Lime Scooters in Austin, Texas.

Knoxville officials aim to use lessons learned from other cities while designing a pilot program for electric scooter rental businesses.

Preemption for Breakfast

Knoxville officials share concerns with legislators about bills they fear will take away their independence to find local solutions to local problems.

Remaking St. Mary’s

The Rogero administration plans to work with Knox Heritage to preserve the oldest building on the St. Mary’s Hospital campus.