An Uneven Recovery

Pearl on Union

Tennessee’s economic forecast for 2021 predicts a years-long effort to climb back from the pandemic, with the worst effects concentrated among the most vulnerable.

Double Header

City Council passes a resolution aimed at making amends for past racial injustices and approves the creation of a sports authority.

Opening the Outdoors

Adaptive Trail on north side of Sharp's Ridge

An adaptive mountain bike trail on Sharp’s Ridge is the latest local project for Catalyst Sports, which makes adventure accessible.

Health Order: Small Groups Only

The Board of Health has limited the size of public and private gatherings, albeit with numerous exceptions, in an attempt to slow COVID-19’s spread.

Knox 2018: A User’s Guide to Local Government and Politics

City County Building

Knoxville in 2018 is a complicated place. A moderate-progressive Southern Appalachian city in a libertarian-conservative Southern Appalachian county, it is home to a strong and diverse culture fueled by competing and often contradictory interests and philosophies.