Farragut ‘Solutions’

Screenshot of Susan Horn at school board meeting on 10/2/23/

After two years of trying, Knox County Schools has found property for a new school at the county’s western edge. Now it just has to decide what kind.

‘Better Ways’

A woman on a bicycle in North Knoxville

Conversations with pedestrians and cyclists traveling Knoxville’s most dangerous streets.

Putting the Monkey on a Leash

Photo of Choice Health Network clinic supplies.

Choice Health Network’s harm reduction efforts aim to keep drug users alive so they can eventually get treatment.

Charter Questions and Answers

Ted and Kelly Alling of PREP Public Schools speak at the April 3, 2023, Knox County school board meeting.

Ahead of their first charter school vote in nearly a decade, Knox County school board members press Knoxville Prep leaders about their plans.

Revelry With a Cause

Adeem the Artist

A talk with Adeem the Artist about recognition, representation, and why they might have to leave Knoxville.

Honoring Adolph Ochs

Adolph Ochs Plaque Dedication

A plaque on Market Square recognizes the legendary publisher of The New York Times, who learned the newspaper business as a youth in Knoxville.

‘I Love Solving Problems’

Jon Rysewyk at UT Tower

Jon Rysewyk takes over as superintendent of Knox County Schools tomorrow. A few consistent themes in his career suggest how he’ll approach the job.

Boyd Raises Plowman’s Pay

Growing enrollment prompts a $160,000 raise that brings UTK’s chancellor’s salary in line with her peers.

‘Socially Acceptable Chains’

Imani Mfalme-Shúla

In Tennessee, criminal sentences can include more than 360 different fees and fines. Reform advocates say they can pose insurmountable obstacles.