City Considers Election Options

Election signs outside the City County Building

Knoxville officials have yet to decide whether to challenge the state law changing its district election process or ask voters to amend the charter.

A Diversity Dilemma

Photo of construction at the stadium site.

Despite efforts to build capacity, the stadium construction project is struggling to find enough qualified Black-owned firms to meet its contracting goal.

Kincannon Seizes Second Term

Photo of Knoxville Mayor Indya Kincannon

Amid low voter turnout, this year’s city primary returned the mayor to office and set up intriguing general election races for judge and City Council.

Primary 2023: Election Day Arrives

Photo of city election mailers.

The mayor’s office, four City Council seats and the city judgeship are on the ballot during the first round of voting in this year’s election.

Seeking Treatment Option Funds

Photo of Knoxville Vice Mayor Andrew Roberto discussing mental health options.

City Council members approve a measure calling for state help to expand mental health services, including a new psychiatric hospital.

Forum Selections

Photo of City Council candidates.

Candidates for at-large seats on City Council answer questions about turnout, housing, homelessness, KPD and more.