2019 Archives for State Government

  • Knox County detention facility
    Breaking Out
    Gov. Bill Lee’s criminal justice task force says the state needs to reform everything from sentencing guidelines to mental health services. Will the governor follow through?
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  • Tennessee Congressional districts
    Power Poll: Rethink Redistricting
    Community leaders in Tennessee’s four largest counties want less politics and more equity in drawing congressional districts.
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  • Issues by the Numbers
    Using newly released Census data, a Sycamore Institute study focuses on income, poverty, education and health coverage in Tennessee.
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  • Power Poll: Pot Has Its Place
    Few in the state's four largest cities favor keeping marijuana completely illegal among adults.
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  • Abortion rights news conference
    Speaking Up
    Knoxville abortion rights supporters amplify voices they say are missing from the state’s debate.
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  • Weekly Watch, Aug. 26-Sept. 1
    Every Monday, we give you a rundown of public meetings and civic events.
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  • Susan Dodd
    Legislation In Utero
    A two-day state Senate hearing on a proposed abortion bill turns on viability -- both biological and constitutional.
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  • Lisa Plawchan
    ‘This Has Got to Be a Tipping Point’
    East Tennessee gun-reform activists want to convert anger and grief at the weekend’s mass shootings into tangible results.
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  • Restore Your Vote
    Getting Back the Ballot
    With 1 in 5 voting-age black residents of Tennessee disenfranchised, a national campaign works with local organizations to help ex-felons regain their voting rights.
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  • Lawfully Wedded?
    As a legal challenge holds up a law on marriage officiating, some ask why the state gets to say who’s allowed to administer the vows.
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  • Climate chart
    Voices Raised
    Local musicians and activists band together for a concert to emphasize the urgency of slowing climate change.
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  • Lime Scooters in Austin, Texas.
    Power Poll: Scooter Scrums
    Respondents to this month’s statewide survey called for the regulation of electronic scooters in Tennessee cities.
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  • Americans for Prosperity meeting
    The Prosperity Agenda
    Americans for Prosperity, the dark-money goliath of libertarian conservatism, likes the way Tennessee is headed.
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  • Measure It, Manage It
    A change in the way scientists measure mass will affect research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
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  • Abortion rights rally
    Voices Raised
    A rally at the federal courthouse seeks to energize abortion rights supporters for battles in Tennessee and beyond.
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  • Calculating ORNL’s Future
    Energy Secretary Rick Perry announces plans for a cutting-edge supercomputer and a new research facility for Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
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  • House Speaker Glen Casada
    Legislative Report 2019
    Knox County legislators were in the thick of the most tumultuous session in years. From school vouchers to sports betting, here’s a look at what passed and what didn’t.
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  • Flips and Flaps
    After arm-twisting and deal-making, Gov. Bill Lee’s school voucher bill squeaks through the House and a key Senate committee.
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  • Teachers protest vouchers
    Decision Time
    As the school voucher bill nears crucial votes tomorrow, Knoxville Republicans in the House and Senate are on opposite sides.
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  • vote_sign
    Registration Regulation
    The state Senate takes its turn at a bill that some groups complain would suppress legal voter registration drives.
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  • Lamar Alexander 4-2-19
    Headed Toward the Finish Line
    Tennessee’s Lamar Alexander has set some ambitious policy goals to reach before he retires from the Senate in 2020.
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  • County Sees $6 Million Gap in Lee’s School Funding
    Gov. Bill Lee has been touting his proposed spending on education, but Knox County officials say his budget would give less than they were expecting.
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  • Andrew Johnson Building
    Power Poll: Scant Support for Lee’s K-12 Plan
    Knox County survey respondents oppose the governor’s proposals on vouchers and charter schools by a wide margin.
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  • Rep. Bill Dunn
    Voucher Momentum
    Knoxville’s Bill Dunn shepherds Gov. Bill Lee’s Education Savings Accounts bill over its first legislative hurdle.
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  • City County Building
    Fair and Accurate
    The state Supreme Court strengthens protections for journalists reporting on judicial proceedings and public meetings.
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  • Classroom chairs
    School Choice Chronicles
    The Legislature gears up for Gov. Bill Lee’s proposals to broaden charter authorization and school vouchers.
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  • Bill Lee 3-5-19
    Here Comes the Gov
    Bill Lee brings his State of the State roadshow to Knoxville, talking workforce, justice and character education.
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  • Rethinking Rural Healthcare
    A UT healthcare policy expert says expanding Medicaid is needed but wouldn’t be enough on its own to prevent rural hospital closures.
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  • Arena Audience Concert
    Raise a Glass
    A proposed change in state law would allow alcohol sales at concerts and other non-athletic events in UT Knoxville’s arenas.
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  • Heavy Traffic
    A change in state law means overweight trucks are paying less in fines -- with the money coming straight from local coffers.
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  • RAM Continues to Fill a Void
    While the Legislature resists expanding Medicaid, Remote Area Medical treats the area’s uninsured at Chilhowee Park.
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  • Density and Development
    Realtors and home builders share their requests and concerns with state lawmakers for this year's legislative session.
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  • Women's March 2017 Knoxville
    ‘Your Struggle Is Mine’
    The organizers of the 3rd annual Knoxville Women’s March this Saturday say they are building a platform to empower others.
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  • Legislative Breakfast 1-4-18
    Shaping the Legislative Landscape
    Knox County’s state lawmakers return to Nashville this week with a passel of wish lists from the school board and County Commission.
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