2019 Archives for K-12 Education

  • Lonsdale Elementary School
    Land Swap
    In Lonsdale, the school board and city are exchanging a park for a school and a school for a park.
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  • TVA and A.J.
    The Politics of Moving
    As estimated numbers change, some school board members raise questions about the TVA East Tower deal.
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  • School board lobbyists
    Altered Landscape
    The Knox County school board’s lobbyists say the change in leadership in the state House of Representatives means less support for vouchers.
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  • Bob Thomas at County Commission
    Tensions Arise Over TVA Tower Deal
    Knox County Schools Superintendent Bob Thomas objects to plan to move Central Office, questions county’s numbers.
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  • Superintendent Bob Thomas in space
    Keeping It Close to Home
    The Knox County Schools coupon book onslaught returns, and this year more of the money raised will stay at the school where a book is sold.
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  • Adrian Burnett Elementary School
    Laying the Groundwork
    As Knox County prepares to build three new elementary schools, each presents a different challenge.
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  • Penny Schwinn and Rick Staples
    Back to Basics
    The state’s new education commissioner says she wants to refocus on providing materials and resources for Tennessee teachers.
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  • Teacher in classroom
    View From the Classroom
    A state survey of teacher attitudes shows generally high job satisfaction but a lot of variation among individual Knox County schools.
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  • Testing
    Hitting Their Marks
    State test results show Knox County schools making gains overall, with plenty of areas to work on.
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  • Superintendent Bob Thomas
    Grading the Supe
    Despite missing data, the school board extends Knox County Schools Superintendent Bob Thomas’ contract for another year.
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  • Hallway Monitors
    The Knox County school board approves a new agreement on officers in the schools, and sends a message about restraint.
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  • Studies Weekly
    A Textbook Case
    With $4.2 million in surplus revenues, the Knox County school board checks one last item off its budget wish list.
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  • Knox County schools
    Schoolhouse Cops
    As the school board considers an amended agreement for law enforcement on campus, some raise concerns.
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  • Caroline Rowcliffe addresses the school board
    Facts of Life?
    The Knox County school board gets an earful about perceived biases and inadequacies in its abstinence-only sex education curriculum.
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  • David Hayes addressing the Knox County school board
    Motion to Reconsider
    The Knox County school board sends proposed public forum restrictions back for more discussion.
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  • Forum Decorum
    The Knox County school board considers new restrictions on public speakers at its meetings.
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  • School board 4-24-19
    Friendly Reception
    The Knox County school board enthusiastically approves a $506.6 million proposed budget and a capital plan with three new elementary schools.
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  • Flips and Flaps
    After arm-twisting and deal-making, Gov. Bill Lee’s school voucher bill squeaks through the House and a key Senate committee.
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  • Superintendent Bob Thomas
    Within the Lines
    Knox County Schools proposes a budget that boosts teacher pay and stays inside existing revenue projections.
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  • Teachers protest vouchers
    Decision Time
    As the school voucher bill nears crucial votes tomorrow, Knoxville Republicans in the House and Senate are on opposite sides.
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  • Education Coalition press conference
    School Squeeze
    The Knox County Board of Education faces pressure from advocates calling for more funding, and existing revenue sources that may not provide it.
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  • Mayor Madeline Rogero at the State of the City address in April 2018
    Crunch Time
    The city, county and school administrations will present budget proposals in the next few weeks. Here’s a look at the timelines and the issues to watch.
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  • Knox County schools strategic plan
    Setting the Goals
    Improved reading and math scores and a more diverse workforce are among the aims in Knox County Schools’ new five-year plan.
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  • County Sees $6 Million Gap in Lee’s School Funding
    Gov. Bill Lee has been touting his proposed spending on education, but Knox County officials say his budget would give less than they were expecting.
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  • House Education Committee
    Choice Words
    Socialists and satanists are invoked as the House Education Committee approves Gov. Bill Lee's voucher plan on a split vote.
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  • Rep. Bill Dunn
    Voucher Momentum
    Knoxville’s Bill Dunn shepherds Gov. Bill Lee’s Education Savings Accounts bill over its first legislative hurdle.
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  • Lonsdale Elementary School
    Superintendent Will Propose 3 New Schools
    Lonsdale, Adrian Burnett and a new northwest building will be in the capital plan presented to the school board.
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  • Classroom chairs
    School Choice Chronicles
    The Legislature gears up for Gov. Bill Lee’s proposals to broaden charter authorization and school vouchers.
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  • Career Magnet Academy
    School on the Rebound
    After nearly being shut down two months ago, Career Magnet Academy reports a surge in applications.
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  • Detail from Knox County Schools' strategic plan
    Strategic Thinking
    Knox County School administrators have been struggling to complete a new strategic plan for nearly a year. Now the school board is taking over.
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  • Child in classroom
    Extra Credit
    The Knox County school board weighs an incentive package to attract and retain special education teachers.
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  • Main Assembly Room
    Schools Signal Budget Priorities
    Knox County Superintendent Bob Thomas details $26 million in possible new expenses for 2019-20.
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  • Career Magnet Academy
    Saving a School
    Responding to students and parents, the Knox County school board votes to revamp Career Magnet Academy rather than shut it down.
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  • Career Magnet Academy students
    Career Magnet Pushback
    As students, parents and staff rally to save an endangered school, a majority of the school board seems inclined to support them.
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  • Legislative Breakfast 1-4-18
    Shaping the Legislative Landscape
    Knox County’s state lawmakers return to Nashville this week with a passel of wish lists from the school board and County Commission.
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  • The Year Ahead: Active Academics
    Both Knox County Schools and the University of Tennessee will make major decisions about the future in 2019.
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