Precinct Profile: Knox County #26

Precinct Profile: Knox County #26

From the Henley Bridge to Ijams Nature Center, this South Knoxville precinct lies along the riverfront and leans Democratic.

by scott barker • January 3, 2019

Ijams Nature Center anchors the east end of Precinct 26 in South Knoxville.

The portion of South Knoxville along the Tennessee River east of Chapman Highway, an area of long-established neighborhoods mixed with fledgling businesses, makes up Knox County’s Precinct 26.
Neighborhoods along the South Waterfront have their own political character.
Change is afoot south of the river. After a period of stagnation during the Great Recession, the city’s South Waterfront is attracting new businesses and with the completion of One Riverwalk at the former Baptist Hospital property will be drawing more residents across from downtown. New businesses...

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