Knox Found #7: Nessie in Knoxville

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Knox Found #7: Nessie in Knoxville

A weekly mystery photo to test your knowledge of the local landscape.

December 6, 2018

Welcome back to Knox Found! Every week, we post a photo of something or some place in Knox County, and we ask you to identify it.
The first person to send a correct answer to will be recognized and celebrated in the next day’s email newsletter and the next week’s Knox Found.
The sights and sites may be on public or private property, but all will be in places that are visible to the public. If you want to suggest a possible future Knox Found, or even submit your own photo, we welcome the ideas.
This week: You don’t need to go to Loch Ness or even Fort Loudoun Loch to glimpse this mythological beast, but where can you find Nessie in Knoxville?
Last week's photo was correctly identified by many readers, but the first ...

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