Stream Cleaning

Stock Creek in South Knox County

Stream Cleaning

How Knox County works to keep failing septic systems from fouling the watersheds.

by jesse fox mayshark • october 31, 2018

stock creek in south knox county is contaminated with e. coli, much of it from human waste.

When Roy Arthur and Tracy Jones go out to investigate septic systems that may be polluting local streams, they never know what they’ll find.
A lot of people know their septic systems are leaking but can't afford to fix them.
In some corners of the county, there are older homes with pipes discharging directly into a nearby waterway. Others have leaking septic tanks that haven’t been emptied in years.
“There was one in Burnett Creek that was a 55-gallon drum,” Arthur said. “We see all kinds of things.”
Arthur and Jones are project managers in Knox County’s Stormwater Management division, which has broad resp...

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