Jail Rebate

knox county detention facility

Jail Rebate

County Commission approves an unusual contract amendment with the firm that provides video visits for Knox County inmates.

by jesse fox mayshark • october 23, 2018

Knox County Commission voted Monday night to approve a change in the county’s contract with Securus Technologies, which provides pay-per-minute video visits and phone calls for inmates in the county’s Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility.
At public forum, questions about the company's services and track record.
Two things made the contract adjustment unusual -- one, that it involved a vendor paying the county, rather than the other way around; and two, that the payment of $250,000 from Securus to the county was not actually required by anything in the county’s contract with the company.
“I am asking this Commission to ask the questions about what this payment is for,” Julia Gaut...

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