UT’s Problematic Governance

John Compton, chair of the UT Board of Trustees

UT's Problematic Governance

Gov. Bill Haslam did not intend to create a Board of Trustees with no higher education experience, but that’s what he got.

by joe sullivan • october 17, 2018

john compton, chairman of the ut board of trustees, addresses the audience at a board of trustees meeting.

(Joe Sullivan, the former publisher of Metro Pulse and a longtime columnist for Metro Pulse and the Knoxville Mercury, offers occasional insights for Compass readers.)
Add up the cumulative years of experience in higher education governance of UT’s recently reconstituted board of trustees and its newly named interim president and what do you get? Zero.
One key question: How willthe Trustees use their new budget authority?
That’s not what Gov. Bill Haslam had in mind when he initiated a reduction  in the board’s size from ...

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