Work Set to Begin on Homeless Safe Place

Work Set to Begin on Homeless Safe Place

Project aims to keep Broadway and its sidewalks clear of daytime squatters.

by scott barker • October 16, 2018

Some of Knoxville's homeless congregating under the I-40 overpass on Broadway on Monday afternoon.

Every day, dozens of Knoxville’s homeless gather under the Interstate 40 overpass on Broadway adjacent to one of the city’s shelters. They are not seeking a bed and a meal from Knox Area Rescue Ministries; instead, they block the sidewalk with garbage bags filled with their belongings, tarps, coolers, even tents. Drug use is prevalent. The strong prey on the weak.
Officials hope to change the dynamic of the area around Knoxville's missions.
On Monday, they will have to find another place to spend their daytime hours for a while. City of Knoxville Public Service ...

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