Moving the Dream

Jackie Booker Griffin at the kitchen window of Jackie's dream

Moving the Dream

With help from crowdsourcing, Jackie Booker Griffin is relocating her soul food restaurant to bigger digs on Woodland Avenue.

by jesse fox mayshark • october 15, 2018

jackie booker griffin at the kitchen window of jackie's dream, which she opened on Mccalla avenue in 2015.

When Jackie Booker Griffin opened her restaurant, Jackie’s Dream, on McCalla Avenue in March 2015, she did not have grand ambitions.
In just three years, Jackie's Dream has become a destination for diners from across Knoxville and beyond.
“I never came into this with my eye set on money, because to me, soul food is not expensive at all,” Griffin said Sunday, seated in a booth at the front of the small, funky building she has made into a Knoxville dining fixture during the past three years. “Soul food was basically what, to be honest, the slave own...

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