Building on Beverly’s Hills

Third time’s the charm at County Commission for a developer planning a subdivision on a steep and difficult site in North Knoxville.

Screen Play

Nick Huinker of Central Cinema

In Happy Holler, Central Cinema has established an outpost for ‘people who just really, really like movies.’

Brainstorming on Broadway

Area residents offer their ideas to improve a busy, hazardous stretch of North Knoxville’s primary thoroughfare.

Fire and Frustration

Smoke from a blaze at a North Knoxville recycling facility with a history of recent safety violations forced the evacuation of nearly 100 homes.

Moving the Dream

Jackie Booker Griffin at the kitchen window of Jackie's dream

With help from crowdsourcing, Jackie Booker Griffin is relocating her soul food restaurant from East Knoxville to bigger digs on Woodland Avenue.