Precinct Profile: Knox County #66N

Turkey Creek

Precinct Profile: Knox County #66N

Split between Knoxville and Farragut, the affluent suburban precinct is firmly Republican.

by scott barker • october 4, 2018

turkey creek is the heart of the west knox precinct.

Turkey Creek is one of East Tennessee’s premier commercial destinations, filled with restaurants, boutiques, a massive movie theater, big-box stores, and plenty of patrons from throughout the region. It also fills a significant chunk of Knox County’s 66N precinct.
More than half of all Farragut households make more than $100,000 a year.
In addition to Turkey Creek, the bulk of which is in the city of Knoxville, the precinct includes part of Farragut and a couple of bits of unincorporated Knox County.
Geographically, it’s bounded by Pellissippi Parkway to the east, the county line to the west, Interstate 40...

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