Who Is ‘Knox County’?

Glenn Jacobs press conference

Who Is 'Knox County'?

A legal maneuver sets up a courtroom confrontation betweenthe county mayor and law director.

by jesse fox mayshark • october 3, 2018

knox county mayor glenn jacobs and sheriff tom spangler at a press conference tuesday, Oct. 2.

In an unusual move Tuesday afternoon, Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs sought to settle a group of lawsuits brought on behalf of the county by Law Director Bud Armstrong.
Testing the limits of the county law director's powers, with pensions in the balance.
The only hitch is that Armstrong hasn’t approved the deal. And Jacobs’ action sets up a legal showdown over the not-at-all simple question of who actually speaks for the legal entity known as Knox County. That decision will likely come down to a judge’s ruling.
At a press conference Tuesday in front of the City County Bu...

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