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For all the ‘gig economy’ rhetoric, entrepreneurship rates are down from 30 years ago. What’s it take to start a business in Knoxville?

by jesse fox mayshark • september 24, 2018

a meet-up at the entrepreneur center on market square. (Photo courtesy Knoxville entrepreneur center)

This is the second of two stories about the environment for new businesses in Knoxville. For the first, about venture capital, see “Capital Ideas.”
When Robin Easter founded her design company in the Old City in 1989, she didn’t have a model for what she was trying to do. Knoxville had few design firms of any kind, and if it has since become a cliche to locate creative businesses in historic downtown buildings, at the time it was an outright novelty.
Link: Full schedule of Innov865 Week events.
“I think I was naive enough...

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