A Running Start

KAUL Randy Boyd and entrepreneurs

An Urban League program helps local entrepreneurs take the first steps toward business success.

Out of the Lab

Hicham Ghossein

How the UT Research Foundation helps move innovation from campus into the marketplace.

Accelerating Innovation

ORNL, TVA and UT will invest $9 million over three years to create a hub for budding national and international entrepreneurs.

Bridging the Gaps

Jeff Lyash at Techstars roundtable

A report highlights weaknesses in Knoxville’s entrepreneurial landscape, including access to capital. It also suggests solutions.

Startup Showcase

SmartRIA at Startup Day 2017

Innov865 Week returns, highlighting emerging companies in and around Knoxville. What difference does it make?

Make Money, Not Trouble

Knoxville City Council loosens some restrictions on home businesses while focusing on neighborhood impacts.

Cherokee Farmer

Cherokee Farm

After a career building public-private connections, Tom Rogers prepares to take the reins at UT’s research park.

Small Business Update

Ice rink on Market Square

Looking at the Knox County trends and data for the oft-lauded ‘engine of the economy.’

Launch Codes

Knoxville Entrepreneur Center

For all the ‘gig economy’ rhetoric, entrepreneurship rates are down from 30 years ago. What’s it take to start a business in Knoxville?