A Tale of Two HQs

Regal Building

A Tale of Two HQs

Regal is thriving downtown and selling its old campus in Halls.

by scott barker • september 24, 2018

Regal has more than 365 employees at its new headquarters on Blount Avenue, on the south waterfront.

The deal that brought Regal Entertainment Group to the South Waterfront from its longtime headquarters in Halls appears to be going as planned, despite the company’s purchase by a British conglomerate.
Officials say Regal's new owners are in compliance with their agreement with the city.
Regal, the nation’s second-largest movie theater chain, now is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cineworld, but it retained its business structure and its headquarters is in the city-owned office tower at the south end of the Gay Street Bridge.
London-based National CineMedia paid $3.6 billion for Regal. Many of Regal’s t...

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