UT Looks to Randy Boyd

John Compton

UT Looks to Randy Boyd

In tapping the Knoxville businessman, UT's board chair sets the stagefor an "active" interim president.

by jesse fox mayshark • september 20, 2018

JOhn compton, chairman of the UT board of trustees, addresses a press conference Wednesday.

A few weeks ago, somebody repainted the metal tank atop the old Knox Rail Salvage building just east of the Old City. The property is owned by Knoxville entrepreneur Randy Boyd, and during his failed gubernatorial run the tank had been painted with his campaign logo. But now it bears the text of a recently launched University of Tennessee marketing campaign: “Everywhere you look, UT.”
Sidebar: A map of Randy Boyd's Old City properties.
On Wednesday, it turned out that where UT looked, it found Randy Boyd.
John Compton, the new chairman of the UT Board of Trustees, ...

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