‘More People Are Dying’

Graph of drug-related deaths

'More People Are Dying'

Drug-related deaths in Knox and Anderson counties rose by 41 percent last year, from already record levels. A Forensic Center report details the toll.

by jesse fox mayshark • september 13, 2018

The report on drug-related deaths in Knox and Anderson counties released Wednesday by the Knox County Regional Forensic Center has the urgency and insistence of a fire alarm.
Knox County had 316 drug-related deaths in 2017, compared to 74 motor vehicle deaths.
The numbers alone are dramatic. According to the center, which provides autopsies for both counties, deaths attributable to drug overdoses rose to 362 in 2017 from 256 in 2016 -- an increase of 41 percent, on top of a number that had already been a record. Of those, 316 were in Knox County.
But the tone of the report goes well beyond a recitation of statistics. In an impassioned i...

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