Nystrom, Carringer Tapped to Lead Commission

Michelle Carringer and Hugh Nystrom.

Nystrom, Carringer Picked to Lead Commission

by jesse fox mayshark • september 5, 2018

Hugh nystrom, right, was named County Commission chair. Michele carringer is vice chair.

As expected, Webb School administrator and 4th District County Commissioner Hugh Nystrom was elected the new Commission chairman by his colleagues Tuesday evening. 2nd District Commissioner Michele Carringer was named vice chair.
The Commission chair runs Commission meetings -- a function some of them perform more efficiently than others -- and also serves as primary contact point for county department heads looking to place an item on the Commission agenda. The vice chair runs the meetings if the chair is absent.
“My take on this role is that the chair is a servant to the Commission,” Nystrom said after the specially called meeting, which besides the leadership positions conce...

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