Knox 2018: Knox County

Glenn Jacobs' swearing-in.

Knox 2018: Knox County

A new mayor and sheriff will confront some familiar challenges.

by scott barker and jesse fox mayshark • September 4, 2018

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In Knox County politics, the stage was set for this year to be mostly an encore performance, with lots of familiar faces in slightly different roles.
What happens when Jacobs’ austere ideology runs into the realities of local government?
It didn’t quite work out that way. Professional wrestler and avowed libertarian Glenn Jacobs eked out a win in the three-way Republican primary for County Mayor, beating County Commissioner Brad Anders by 36.09 percent to 36.05 percent. You can say that’s not much of a mandate. You can also note that Anders and the other county commissioner on the ballot, Bob Thomas, collectivel...

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