Knox 2018: A User’s Guide to Local Government and Politics

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Knox 2018:A User's Guide to Local Government and Politics

by scott barker and jesse fox mayshark • September 4, 2018

In quantum mechanics, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle states that if you can pinpoint a particle’s location, you can’t measure its speed; likewise, if you can determine its speed, you can’t know its location.
The civic life of a community isn’t as complex as particle physics, but assessing public life in Knoxville and Knox County presents a similar quandary. If you track the daily tumult of the news, it’s tough to know where the community stands. If you take a moment to get your bearings, events can pass you by.
A moderate-progressive Southern Appalachian city in a libertarian-conservative Southern Appalachian county
For better or worse, journalism isn’t bound by nature’s laws. Good journalism reports events as they occur and places them in context ...

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