Out of the Lab

Hicham Ghossein

How the UT Research Foundation helps move innovation from campus into the marketplace.

Facing the Digital Divide

KCS Chromebook

With the possibility of more school disruption looming, a community task force looks for solutions to the inequities of internet access.

Second Opinions

KCS Chromebook

School board members ponder a $7 million proposal to provide laptops for every student and question plans for sparse graduation ceremonies.

Class Struggle

Fulton HS marquee

Knox County Schools say they’re not equipped to provide equitable education while classrooms are closed. Some parents and teachers want to know why not.

Road Map

Applied Pavement Technology van

Knox County invests in new technology to survey and rate the state of its highways.

Tech for KAT

Knoxville transit users can finally use their mobile phones to plan trips and track the progress of buses along their routes.