2020 Revue: City of Knoxville

The COVID-19 pandemic was just the first in a series of crises that greeted Mayor Indya Kincannon during her first year in office.

Climate Klatch

The Mayor’s Climate Council met for the first time Tuesday to begin work on steep reductions in Knoxville’s greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate climate change.

Green Strategies

The city stays the course on sustainability, while KUB inks a deal with TVA that should boost solar’s share of the power pie.

Sustaining Sustainability

Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero has set new, ambitious goals for the ongoing slashing of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions.

After the Flood

Flooding at Cedar Bluff shopping center

With extreme weather events on the rise, a UT professor looks at the social equity of disaster and disruption.

Lighting the Way

The city’s conversion to LED streetlights is only about one-fifth of the way toward completion but it’s already resulting in savings.