Course Correction

Superintendent Jon Rysewyk at a lectern in front of Copper Ridge Elementary School

A year into the job, Superintendent Jon Rysewyk has significantly restructured and refocused Knox County Schools. More is on the way.

‘I Love Solving Problems’

Jon Rysewyk at UT Tower

Jon Rysewyk takes over as superintendent of Knox County Schools tomorrow. A few consistent themes in his career suggest how he’ll approach the job.

Rysewyk Gets Faster Start

Jon Rysewyk and Renee Kelly

The school board approves a $240,000-a-year contract for its new superintendent, with a possible bonus and an accelerated timeline.

Making Their Cases

Linda Cash and Jon Rysewyk

At a public forum and interviews with the school board, superintendent finalists Jon Rysewyk and Linda Cash drew on their experiences to illustrate their visions.

Then There Were Two


The field of candidates for Knox County Schools superintendent has narrowed to a familiar face and a recruited out-of-towner.

Finalists and Frustrations

Linda Cash, Jon Rysewyk, Kirk Shrum

The school board names three superintendent candidates, while searching for a way out of its court-ordered mask mandate.

Making a List, Checking It Twice

Tammy Grissom

The Knox County school board adopts a set of 10 criteria for its next superintendent, setting the stage for a national search.