Retaining Control

Classroom chairs

A bill with major Republican support would modify the third-grade retention law but still threaten many students with being held back.

Power Poll: Legislative Skepticism

Gov. Bill Lee

From ‘choice lanes’ to HIV funding, community leaders are skeptical of many of the governor and Legislature’s initiatives. The exception: nuclear energy.

Rallying Cries

Story Van Ness of Knox Pride speaks at a rally in Krutch Park Extension

Hundreds gather as Knox Pride pushes the LGBTQ community and its allies to action over proposed state legislation.

A Lively Session

Interior of the Tennessee House of Representatives chamber

From abortion to drag shows and ‘choice lanes’ to vouchers, the state Legislature will have its hands full.

Preparing to Fight

Tennessee State Capitol Building

Local and state LGTBQ advocates are gearing up to confront anti-trans and drag bills in the Legislature — and seeking help from allies.