Smoke Signal

Man holding a half-rolled cannabis cigarett.

A new state law provides regulation — and legitimization — for the sale of hemp-derived THC in Tennessee.

PARC Changes Deemed Minimal

Police Advisory & Review Committee members

Officials say a new state law governing police oversight boards won’t have a practical effect on Knoxville’s panel, despite the removal of investigative powers.

Ready for Impact

Photo of a student's hand with pencil filling in a standardized test.

As a state law takes effect, Knox County Schools plans for thousands of Knox County third-graders to face mandatory summer classes.

Retaining Control

Classroom chairs

A bill with major Republican support would modify the third-grade retention law but still threaten many students with being held back.

Power Poll: Legislative Skepticism

Gov. Bill Lee

From ‘choice lanes’ to HIV funding, community leaders are skeptical of many of the governor and Legislature’s initiatives. The exception: nuclear energy.

Rallying Cries

Story Van Ness of Knox Pride speaks at a rally in Krutch Park Extension

Hundreds gather as Knox Pride pushes the LGBTQ community and its allies to action over proposed state legislation.