A Diversity Dilemma

Photo of construction at the stadium site.

Despite efforts to build capacity, the stadium construction project is struggling to find enough qualified Black-owned firms to meet its contracting goal.

‘No Good Way’

A Man walks along railroad tracks in the Old City photo.

Stadium construction blocks pedestrian and cyclist access between East Knoxville and Downtown.

Breaking Ground in the Bottom

Photo of Randy and Jenny Boyd

Officials celebrate the beginning of Knoxville’s stadium construction and pay tribute to the history of a neighborhood demolished by urban renewal.

Diversity Comeback Possible

Stadium Diversity Business and Workforce team photo.

The stadium project has initially failed to meet its goal for disadvantaged business participation, but more subcontracts are up for grabs.

Batter Up

Doug Kirchhofer photo

Contractors are ready to begin building Knoxville’s new stadium, though the project hasn’t met its goal for disadvantaged business participation.

Stadium Cost Finalized

Stadium site photo.

The tab has risen to $114 million, but Boyd’s extended commitment means no additional public funds would go toward construction.

A New Hotel for the Old City

115 E. Jackson Ave. Photo

A $20 million development is planned near the stadium site, but warehouse demolition concerns historic preservationists.

Looking Ahead: City of Knoxville 2023

Stadium site prep

Municipal elections will attract much of the public attention this year, while stadium construction should begin and the Public Safety Complex will open.