Making Their Cases

Linda Cash and Jon Rysewyk

At a public forum and interviews with the school board, superintendent finalists Jon Rysewyk and Linda Cash drew on their experiences to illustrate their visions.

Power Poll: Police Chief Search

A majority of respondents to this month’s survey want a person with leadership experience at a larger agency to be KPD’s next leader.

Making a List, Checking It Twice

Tammy Grissom

The Knox County school board adopts a set of 10 criteria for its next superintendent, setting the stage for a national search.

Four Months and Counting

Evetty Satterfield, Bob Thomas, Susan Horn

The school board launches a survey and embarks on a timeline that would see a new superintendent hired by mid-March.

Searching for Searchers

Superintendent Bob Thomas

The Knox County school board is ready to hire an outside firm to seek the next superintendent, but it has to decide who and how.

Search Party

School board members at retreat

To find its next superintendent, the Knox County school board prepares for a national effort — probably with some outside help.