Priorities From the Right

State Rep. Elaine Davis, law director candidate Daniel Herrera and state Sen. Becky Duncan Massey at the Knox For Liberty Town Hall on Nov. 10, 2023

At its first public event, the group Knox For Liberty presses legislators and candidates on a conservative checklist including gun rights, social media regulation and privacy.

Bill Aims to Change City Elections

Vote chalkboard

Legislation under consideration in Nashville would force Knoxville to abandon citywide voting for district City Council representatives.

PAC Men and Women

PAC Image

Local candidates from both parties benefit from political action committee donations, although with some differences in who’s writing the checks.

The State of Cannabis

Cannabis products on display at the Holistic Connection

Marijuana is still prohibited in Tennessee. But as a new boutique on Gay Street demonstrates, people are getting high legally anyway.

TennCare Tension

Medicaid illustration

The Biden administration is dangling huge incentives for the last 12 states to expand Medicaid. Will Tennessee bite?