Touchdowns and Fumbles

Super Bowl Ads

Advertisers spent more than $400 million to reach viewers during the Super Bowl. A UT doctoral student tracked their success — and failure.

The Germans Are Coming

UT Volkswagen announcement

A collaboration between UT and Volkswagen could help cement Knoxville’s status as a hub for research and innovation.

Literally Toxic

Family stress

A UT researcher’s work shows that difficult family relationships are a predictor of poor health.

Lab Work

The UT Torchbearer

University of Tennessee research spending rose to $435.2 million statewide last year, but the flagship Knoxville campus remains far from its top 25 goal.

Can Soda Save the Planet?

Researchers working at ORNL have found a surprisingly simple way to produce a carbon-grabbing substance.

Anticipating Catastrophe

Soldiers with flu, 1918

A UT researcher finds that many nurses say they are unprepared for long-term disasters, and nursing colleges aren’t emphasizing it.

Tweet Trackers

The Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia

UT researchers find a strong correlation between Russian disinformation and movement in the 2016 presidential polls.

Mitigating Mercury

Research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Aquatic Ecology Lab has local and global importance.

Backyard Archaeologists

UT anthropology students

UT Knoxville students sift through evidence of ancient civilizations on the banks of the Tennessee River.

Innovation at the Core

ORNL Transformational Challenge Reactor

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory are building a next-generation research reactor core using 3-D printing.