Numbers Game

The state House redistricting plan radically changes the boundaries of three Knox County districts and assigns a new number to one of them.

Redistricting Moves Forward

County Commission at redistricting meeting

After rejecting a delay, County Commission approves a new district map that will divide some communities but preserve the majority-minority 1st District.

2nd Thoughts

Redistricting map

The county’s proposed redistricting plan moves nearly 20,000 residents either into or out of the North Knoxville 2nd District — even though it is already close to its ideal size.

Redistricting Trade-Offs

Rev. Sam Brown

A recommended County Commission and school board map would add to the 1st District’s majority-minority status but divide several communities.

Between the Lines

Knox County Commission districts

As County Commission begins its redistricting process, it finds that every potential change leads to complications. City Council sees an easier path.

Redrawing the Map

Comptroller website

With Census data on the way, County Commission lays out a schedule for its once-a-decade challenge: creating nine equal districts.

Drawing the Line

As late-arriving Census data narrows the redistricting window, citizen groups hope for public input and transparency. History does not give reason to expect much of either.