One More Delay for A.J. Deal

Jacobs on the A.J. Building roof

As school officials begin their move to TVA’s East Tower, the county extends its hold on the Andrew Johnson Building for six months.

Decision Time on TVA Deal

Mike Dooley and Chris Caldwell in East Tower.

Documents lay out proposed agreements between Knox County, the Tennessee Valley Authority and Knox County Schools for taking over the East Tower.

A Place for Makers

The Rogero Administration plans to sell a building in East Knoxville to a developer for conversion to studio space for artists and small-scale manufacturers.

Homes Across the Range

City officials attend grand openings of two housing projects aimed at different demographics.

Coming Into Focus

Plans for the city’s public safety complex at the former St. Mary’s site are firming up with input from the Police and Fire departments.

Nursing Redevelopment

The city is in talks with LMU to move its nursing school to the Magdalene Clark Tower at the St. Mary’s site.

Finding the Right Blend

KCDC is finalizing its master plan for the Austin Homes makeover, which will feature up to 440 mixed-income apartments.