Different Approach to Disparities

Knox County Schools administrator Brian Hartsell speaking in an auditorium at a meeting about racial disparities

Superintendent Jon Rysewyk is moving away from an eight-year effort to measure racial and economic gaps — but he says they remain priorities.

Measuring Progress

Shannon Jackson/Knox County Schools

As the school board considers a new equity policy, its long work toward reducing racial and economic disparities goes on.

Putting It in Writing

reading results by demographic group

The Knox County school board appears divided on a new equity policy, which would formalize commitments to reduce disparities.

Disparities and Discontent

Brian Hartsell at DEO meeting

As Knox County Schools renews its commitment to reducing racial gaps, activists demand immediate answers in a shooting.

‘We Want to Do Better’

Brian Hartsell, Knox County Schools

In a ‘community conversation’ about racial disparities in Knox County Schools, officials acknowledge progress has been slow.

Discipline Disparities

School discipline data

The latest Knox County Schools data shows a move toward ‘restorative learning,’ but persistent racial differences in student punishment.