Vision Quest

Crowded schools and jails, inadequate roads and sidewalks. Lamenting a lack of planning and priorities, Knox County Commissioners plan to set some.

Talk It Out

The Planning Commission uses a local subdivision controversy to send a message: Developers should engage neighbors.

Next Steps

Knox County planning map

As Mayor Glenn Jacobs convenes a planning committee that hasn’t met in nearly two decades, Knox County starts to think about the future.

The Price of Access

ADA symbol Knox County

Knox County has identified $73 million in improvements needed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. It has a 40-year plan to address them.

A Veto in Every Pot

Recode Knoxville map

Proposed legislation would require consent from every property owner for zoning plans throughout Tennessee.

What’s the Plan?

Hardin Valley planning meeting

Knox County is preparing to embark on its most ambitious planning update in a generation. On the table: growth, density, infrastructure and rural preservation.

Plan Obsolescence

Growth Policy Plan

Knox County Commission wants out of its state-mandated growth plan. But what would come next?

Recode Goes to Council

Recode Knoxville map

The Knoxville-Knox County Planning Commission approves the comprehensive revision of the city’s zoning ordinance. Next stop: City Council.

Setting the Agenda

Knox County planning map

With an eye on increased development outside the city limits, County Commission considers whether to restructure the planning commission.