A Chat with the Chief

Paul Noel talks about getting to know his officers, the approach to policing he honed in New Orleans and his goals for KPD.

Changing of the Guard

After being sworn in as KPD’s new chief, Paul Noel takes the first step toward instituting new accountability training for the department.

Flexibility for the New Chief

Reclassifying deputy chiefs would give the new KPD leader the ability to hire his top commanders from outside the department.

Culture Appraisal

Police cruiser with lights on

Council approves a third-party examination of KPD to coincide with the arrival of the city’s new police chief.

Leadership Metrics

As Knoxville’s new police chief, Paul Noel vows to focus on crime, community, culture and career development.

Meeting the Chief

Noel will bring a flavor of New Orleans’ police reforms to Knoxville when he takes the reins of KPD in June.

Noel to be Named Chief

Kincannon picks a nationally known reform advocate from New Orleans to lead the Knoxville Police Department.