Lighting a Spark

Cherokee Farm

New innovation labs at the University of Tennessee Research Park will give hard-tech start-ups a place to grow.

Anticipating Action

As the coronavirus arrives in Tennessee, officials implement response plans, impose travel restrictions and take other precautions.

Can Soda Save the Planet?

Researchers working at ORNL have found a surprisingly simple way to produce a carbon-grabbing substance.

Mitigating Mercury

Research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Aquatic Ecology Lab has local and global importance.

Revving the Rover

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is powering the vehicle that NASA is sending to Mars next year.

Under Transition

John Compton and Randy Boyd

Merging campuses and creating a new Oak Ridge Institute, the UT Board of Trustees ratifies big moves by Interim President Randy Boyd.

Measure It, Manage It

A change in the way scientists measure mass will affect research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Innovation at the Core

ORNL Transformational Challenge Reactor

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory are building a next-generation research reactor core using 3-D printing.

Calculating ORNL’s Future

Energy Secretary Rick Perry announces plans for a cutting-edge supercomputer and a new research facility for Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Cherokee Farmer

Cherokee Farm

After a career building public-private connections, Tom Rogers prepares to take the reins at UT’s research park.