Making Connections

Two-term City Council member Marshall Stair wants to stitch the city together if he’s elected mayor.

Setting the Table

In their first joint appearance, four candidates for Knoxville mayor address how they will support entrepreneurism.

Money in the Mayor’s Race

Knoxville mayoral candidates

Financial disclosures show the 2019 Knoxville mayor’s race will be a three-way battle among well-funded candidates.

Honor, Prestige and Politics

Eddie Mannis aims to bring his business acumen and record of community service into the Knoxville mayor’s office.

2018 Revue: Reshaping a City

MPC meeting

Newcomers on City Council, public improvements projects and a new zoning code are signs that major changes are in store for Knoxville.

A Web of Candidates

Knoxville mayoral candidates

A year out, Knoxville mayoral contenders kick off their campaigns online.