Three Years of COVID

COVID-19 Collage

Though life has returned to normal in many ways, the pandemic hasn’t disappeared and the potential for a resurgence exists.

Power Poll: Rewinding 2022

Power Poll: Rewinding 2022 photo

Respondents weigh in on what they see as the most significant stories in government and education from the past year.

Rysewyk Gets Faster Start

Jon Rysewyk and Renee Kelly

The school board approves a $240,000-a-year contract for its new superintendent, with a possible bonus and an accelerated timeline.

The Masks Come Off

Girl in mask

A federal judge temporarily lifts his mandate on Knox County Schools — but the resolution of the case still awaits.

The Mask Effect, Part II

School mask sign

Since a school mask mandate was put in place, Knox County has dropped from the highest rate of school-age COVID among Tennessee’s metro counties to the lowest.

Looking for a Way Out

Gary Dupler

In an emergency meeting, the school board agrees to work with the plaintiffs in the mask mandate case on a temporary solution.

Finalists and Frustrations

Linda Cash, Jon Rysewyk, Kirk Shrum

The school board names three superintendent candidates, while searching for a way out of its court-ordered mask mandate.