Rysewyk Gets Faster Start

Jon Rysewyk and Renee Kelly

The school board approves a $240,000-a-year contract for its new superintendent, with a possible bonus and an accelerated timeline.

The Masks Come Off

Girl in mask

A federal judge temporarily lifts his mandate on Knox County Schools — but the resolution of the case still awaits.

The Mask Effect, Part II

School mask sign

Since a school mask mandate was put in place, Knox County has dropped from the highest rate of school-age COVID among Tennessee’s metro counties to the lowest.

Looking for a Way Out

Gary Dupler

In an emergency meeting, the school board agrees to work with the plaintiffs in the mask mandate case on a temporary solution.

Finalists and Frustrations

Linda Cash, Jon Rysewyk, Kirk Shrum

The school board names three superintendent candidates, while searching for a way out of its court-ordered mask mandate.

The Mask Effect

COVID cases graph

Since the start of the school year, Knox County has reported far more COVID-19 cases per capita than Tennessee’s other three large counties.