Health Board Hits Back

Board of Health members excoriated Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs for narrating a video implying they were among ‘sinister forces’ out to destroy freedom.

Health Fight

County Commission crowd

With a crowd of anti-mask protesters cheering them on, County Commission weighs changes to the Board of Health.

Closing Times Mandated

Taking more action to combat the pandemic, the Board of Health votes to restrict alcohol sales and reduce the permitted size of gatherings.

Advice Only

With COVID-19 cases mounting, the Knox County Board of Health took only symbolic action on Wednesday.

Knox County 2020: A Primer (Part 2)

A survey of what’s changed, what hasn’t and what to watch in the local political and economic landscape. Today: the City of Knoxville and the private sector.

Masks Remain Mandatory

The Board of Health wants to see how school reopenings affect COVID-19 case counts before reconsidering the county’s facial covering requirement.

Pour Another Round

Reversing course, the Board of Health is allowing Knox County bars to reopen during the pandemic, but they must close at 10 p.m.

Accuracy in Testing

The Health Department considers false negative COVID-19 test results a bigger public health threat than false positives.

Mask Mandate Challenged

City County Building main floor

A pair of plastic surgeons have filed a lawsuit seeking to nullify the Board of Health’s requirement to wear face coverings in public buildings.