Fighting Exclusion

Story Van Ness of Knox Pride speaks at a rally in Krutch Park Extension

Transgender advocate Story VanNess is challenging the state’s insurance system ‘so that other people don’t have to deal with what I’m going through.’

Power Poll: Pride Month

Photo of LGBTQ rights march downtown in February.

Survey respondents tend to support inclusive policies for the LGBTQ community but few plan to attend any Pride events this year.

Obscene or Heard?

A drag queen in a white wig singing on stage

With new restrictions on drag shows taking effect next month, the impact of the law on performers and venues remains unclear.

Rallying Cries

Story Van Ness of Knox Pride speaks at a rally in Krutch Park Extension

Hundreds gather as Knox Pride pushes the LGBTQ community and its allies to action over proposed state legislation.

Queens Gambit

Tennessee Theatre marquee displaying the words "A Drag Queen Christmas"

A Christian nationalist pastor rallies his congregation to protest a holiday drag show at the Tennessee Theatre.

Preparing to Fight

Tennessee State Capitol Building

Local and state LGTBQ advocates are gearing up to confront anti-trans and drag bills in the Legislature — and seeking help from allies.

A Place for Pride

John Camp and Keri King of Knox Pride

Knox Pride’s new walk-in center in South Knoxville provides a welcoming space for the LGBTQ community.

Show Stopper

Adeem the Artist

For queer performer Adeem the Artist, a shortened set at a concert in Farragut raises questions about whose families are included in “family friendly.”