Chambers Back Lee’s Road Plan

Photo of a traffic jam on an interstate.

Business leaders in Knoxville and other metros support the governor’s proposals for ‘choice lanes’ and increased electric vehicle fees.

Preparing for the Imagination Age

In a new report, the Knoxville Chamber envisions a more vigorous private sector that can thrive during an anticipated economic transition.

Midway Revisited

Midway Business Park

The Chamber and county government consider options for the undeveloped East Knox business park, as one possible buyer signals interest.

Educación al Emprendor

With funding from the city, Centro Hispano launches a program to help Latino-owned businesses get established in the community.

Infrastructure Strategy

A report from the Knoxville Chamber underscores the need for short- and long-term infrastructure planning to handle the region’s growth.

Tech Help Wanted

CGI is starting the hiring process for the first cohort of what is expected to be a 300-person operation in Knoxville.

Broadband Bound?

KUB develops a business plan to provide high-speed internet service throughout its electricity service area.

Knoxville Lands CGI Service Center

Cherokee Farm

The global information technology and consulting giant will invest $27 million and partner with UT to bring 300 jobs to the community.

Accelerating Innovation

ORNL, TVA and UT will invest $9 million over three years to create a hub for budding national and international entrepreneurs.