The Sheriff’s Hard Sell

Sheriff Tom Spangler standing in front of sever of his staff members during an interview at the City County Building.

Spangler’s case for a 30 percent raise for officers runs into skepticism from a tax-averse County Commission.

Pleading a Case

Sheriff Tom Spangler

As Sheriff Tom Spangler seeks a 30 percent raise for deputies and corrections officers, the possibility of a legal showdown looms.

Grand Rift Auto

Sheriffs and Dooley and Glenn

At issue in a grievance hearing laced with Sheriff’s Office politics: Should a longtime employee retain use of a county vehicle?

‘Unlawful Detention’

knox county detention facility

A Honduran immigrant called 911 for help. The Knox County Sheriff’s Office tried to deport her. She is challenging the legality of the county’s 287(g) program and suing for $2.5 million.

Conflicts and Interests

Merit System Council

The Merit System Council’s contentious relationship with Sheriff Tom Spangler escalates amid accusations of political agendas.

Power Poll: School Security

A large majority of survey respondents wants to keep armed officers in schools and retain the current mix of agencies responsible for keeping schools safe.

‘No Longer Welcome’?

Protesters at County Commission

The Public Building Authority says the protesters arrested at Monday’s Commission meeting can still enter the City County Building.