Goals, Hits and Misses

Superintendent Jon Rysewyk speaks to school board members during their annual work session

In his first-year ‘action plan,’ Superintendent Jon Rysewyk’s administration met most of its targets for improvement — but has some make-up work to do.

Contract Workers

Teaching assistant

The Knox County school board votes to hire a staffing service to fill special education needs.

Grading Pilgrims’ Progress

Hands folded on top of an open Bible

The school board weighs whether to give students credit for spiritual instruction taught by outside religious groups.

How Many Meetings?

Steve Triplett at the July 10, 2023 school board work session.

Some school board members express frustration with their monthly Monday work session.

Ticket to Ride

Photos of speakers during public forum at the May 4, 2023, school board meeting.

After impassioned testimonials, a split school board votes to let Freedom Schools students use Knox County buses.

Freedom Schools Questioned

John Butler at school board meeting on 5-1-23, screenshot from KCSTV

Two school board members raise concerns about materials and “agendas” in the summer program with a civil rights heritage — while others push back strongly.