The Lazarus Drug

Drugs and Paraphernalia

A new report from the Health Department details the increased use of naloxone to reverse overdoses and provide second chances.

Three Years of COVID

COVID-19 Collage

Though life has returned to normal in many ways, the pandemic hasn’t disappeared and the potential for a resurgence exists.

An Uncertain Future

Photo of Positively Living, Choice Health Network offices.

Gov. Bill Lee’s rejection of federal HIV prevention dollars has left service providers, public health officials and legislators in the dark.

Finding Patterns of Misuse

Erin Read Photo

Real-time data and case narratives from overdose deaths may hold the key to successful drug intervention in Knox County.

Approaching the Peak

New COVID-19 cases slowed last week, but hospitalizations and deaths continue to rise.

Rapid and Relentless

The fast-spreading COVID-19 Omicron variant threatens to overwhelm area hospitals and has yet to show signs of slowing down.

Evolving Data

According to the Health Department’s top epidemiologist, compiling COVID-19 case counts is not as simple as it sounds.