The Surveys Say

The Health Department asked local businesses and residents their thoughts on reopening the economy. Here’s what they said.

Outside In

The Knox County Health Department wants businesses to open their doors and windows as part of the fight against COVID-19.

Light Change Ahead

This week’s rise in COVID-19 cases has become a trend but by itself won’t likely scuttle the county’s economic reopening plan.

Cases Creep Upwards

COVID-19 patient counts begin to rise in Knox County as restrictions on business activity and social interactions are relaxed.

Launching Phase Two

Knox County issues guidance for businesses and the general public on how to safely increase economic activity.

Pushing the Timeline

Knox County Commission

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs steps up the pressure on his own Health Department to accelerate the reopening plan.

Access Denied

Knox County faces criticism for preventing a News Sentinel reporter from participating in a health department briefing.

Red Light, Green Light

Knox County Health Department epidemiologists explain the numbers behind their coronavirus tracking system.